I just wanted to let everyone know the story of The Wright Hair. I am fairly new to blogging about hair but I have been doing my little girls hairstyles since the day my oldest daughter was born. The first thing out of the doctors mouth was I hope you ordered a girl full of hair. When my 2nd daughter arrived we were not so lucky with the hair genes. She has thin short hair. It was with the frustrations I had trying to do my 2nd ones hair that I decided to start this blog. I figured if I struggled this much there must be others struggling too. I am a working mom and getting my girls ready every morning is the best time of the day for me. This is a time we get to bond without other distractions. Right now my girls and I are enjoying our time together. I am sure it will only be a short time before my oldest wants to do her own hair. But for now we invite you to join us on the Wrights Journey through hair. Because of being a working mom, sometimes we will do fancy dos and sometimes quick dos, other times the do's are dont's but we welcome everyone to come along for the ride.


Wacky or Crazy Hair Day W/ St Patricks Day colors

Today at my daughter's school was wacky or crazy hair day. With it also being St Patricks day is why we used green pipe cleaners and green elastics.  When I think of Wacky or Crazy hair Dr Seuss came to mind so the ideas are from him.

So the only reason we started with a braid down the front center is because she is growing out her bangs and I wanted them to stay out of her face. 
Next I made a crazy part ponytail on the left side near her ear. I attached a pipecleaner with the elastic as shown below.
Below is how I attached the pipe cleaner with the elastic.
I made another ponytail with a crazy part on the crown of her head.  (Total you will have 4 ponytails)
Below is another one of the ponytails on the right side of her head.
The last ponytail is on the bottom of her head.  Once all the ponytails were in place I wrapped the pipe cleaners around the ponytails elastics

Below is how I made the pipe cleaners curly I just wrapped them around my finger before I put them around her hair.
Below shows how I started to wrap the hair in the pipe cleaner.  The goal is to have her hair in the middle of the curl.
Below shows how the pipe cleaner looks around the hair.
Once the pipe cleaners are on the hair.  I wrapped the hair and pipe cleaner around the ponytail. Make sure the pipe cleaners you used to wrap the ponytail is sticking out through the middle of the ponytail.  I curled these around in the holes.
Below shows how to wrap the hair around the ponytail.  Make sure you do the ponytail on the crown of her head last it is the only one that will be different.
For the crown ponytail wrap the pipe cleaners as you did the other ones.  But instead of wrapping it around the ponytail you are going to make a heart shape.  By crossing the ends at the base of the ponytail as show below.  I left the remaining out to hang down loose.
Below is a close up of the wrapped heart shape.
Below is the side view of her hair.
Below is what it looked like from the back.


  1. Have to put pipe cleaners on my shopping list now! Love your festive green nail polish too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOVE it! That's fabulous wacky hair! Pipe cleaners...genius!