I just wanted to let everyone know the story of The Wright Hair. I am fairly new to blogging about hair but I have been doing my little girls hairstyles since the day my oldest daughter was born. The first thing out of the doctors mouth was I hope you ordered a girl full of hair. When my 2nd daughter arrived we were not so lucky with the hair genes. She has thin short hair. It was with the frustrations I had trying to do my 2nd ones hair that I decided to start this blog. I figured if I struggled this much there must be others struggling too. I am a working mom and getting my girls ready every morning is the best time of the day for me. This is a time we get to bond without other distractions. Right now my girls and I are enjoying our time together. I am sure it will only be a short time before my oldest wants to do her own hair. But for now we invite you to join us on the Wrights Journey through hair. Because of being a working mom, sometimes we will do fancy dos and sometimes quick dos, other times the do's are dont's but we welcome everyone to come along for the ride.


Another fun updo

Start at the bottom of her head. Take a part from ear to ear and pull it up into an elastic as shown below.

Make braids on both sides of her head. For example look below. Under the braids make a small part and pull her hair into an elastic.

Do the same thing to both sides. Then take all the remaining hair and all the small ponytails and put them into 1 ponytail in the middle of her head.

Take the ponytail and on the last time you are ready to pull it through the elastic leave the ends still in the elastic.

Below is a picture of the top of her hair.


Toddler Puffy into Ponytail

As must of you know and I still continue to complain about how thin her hair is so this hairstyle came about one of my friends has a little girl that the sides of her hair above her ears was cut really short. So we did this style to help her.

Start on one side of her head and make a small part above her ear and make similar to the headband. On one side of her head I did 3 puffy braids and on the other side I did 2. I always do a far lateral part that is why they are uneven.
This is the side with 3. I made the 2 sides meet in the middle.

This is what it looks like from the top of her head. Very cute and simple. My toddler doesn't sit still very long as most toddlers don't.


Gymnastic Hair

We have been watching a lot of the TV show Make it or Break it. It is about Gymnastics. My daughter Aurora takes gymnastics as well and love one of the girls hair. So this is where this hairstyle comes from.

My pictures don't show this very well but the lowest section of her hair is pulled up to the middle of her head and secured with an elastic. Once this is done make a part down the middle and french braid each side.

The picture below shows best the middle section of hair I was talking about. The french braids only go down about halfway.

Then take the 2 french braids and the middle hair and put in an elastic.

Then I made 3 separate braids

After you have the 3 braids I folded them upward and curled the remaining hair. Then put a bow.



Make 2 diagonal parts across the bottom of the hair. Then take the middle section and secure with an elastic.

WE have a very far side part in the front of her hair. Take the front hair and pull it down to the ear and secure with an elastic.

The picture above and below are the hair in the front of her head pulled down to her ears.

Take all the remaining hair and pull it into a ponytail. Don't pull the hair all the way through.

I use the remaining hair to pull around the elastic to hide the elastic. We then put in one of our favorite bows to give it the finishing touch.


Luau Hairstyle Toddler

The Luau hairstyle comes from a special request. I was honored that she asked me to come up with a style. I hope this is what she had in mind. My daughter has very fine, thin hair.

I decided to make a headband out of puffy braids. I started by her left ear making a straight line across the top of her hair with small square parts. The picture below shows the headband halfway across.

This is how I ended the headband. I then put a flower clipped in to give her the Hawaiian look

Below is how cute the Luau Hairstyle turned out from different views.

Another Luau Style for More Hair

A Fun Headband for Girls with Longer Hair

The picture below is not very good but it was the only one I took at this step.

Start by making small square parts across the front of her head. Once these are put in place pick a ribbon and lay it behind the first row of small ponytails.

Then make another row of small ponytails and take a small piece from the front row of ponytails to give a diagonal look across the ribbon. Not only does this look cute but it helps to secure the ribbon and keep it in place.

Then we put a flower by her ear. I let my daughter pick out the flower that is why it is purple.


Fancy Updo

This is not the best picture of the front of her hair I will get a better one.

This works best if the hair is wet. Take a small section of hair at the base of her head.

Then make a part and pull up each section of hair and pull it through to give the twist look.

Take another small section of hair on top of the one you just did. Make 3 equal parts and do the same step make a twist in each of these.

Then take the front of her hair and make a side part. Pull the hair down to her ear and put a twist through them one on each side.

Pull all of the hair into 2 pigtails then take half of each of the pigtails and secure together and twist them.

Take the reaming hair and make a messy bun leaving some hair hanging out. Curl these pieced of hair to get this beautiful updo below. This is a picture of the side of her hair

This is the view from the back of her head.


Zig Zag Pigtails Toddler

Just make a zig zag part down the center of her hair.

Then secure each side with an elastic.


1st Day of School Hair

As I am sure you can tell we now have bangs so we did a simple first day of school hairstyle.
She got all new bows (these bows match her school outfits perfectly. The bow for this outfit had the same beads that are on the neck of this dress.) She was determined to wear the matching bow this morning so we did a simple small braid on each side of her head. Then I put them together with an elastic and put the bow on.
Simple cute and she looked beautiful for her first day of school.

If anyone is interested the bows are from the website www.mom-stuff.com . All of her bows were custom made to match all of her new school clothes.


French braid Updo

A Fun Up do.

Make a center poof in the front of her hair.

Make 2 separate small french braids on both sides of the head.

Then pull the remaining hair up into a ponytail. I didn't pull the ponytail all the way through.
Then wrap a small piece of hair around the ponytail

This is what it looks like from the top of her head


Part 2 Pigtails

First do the Part 1 parallel pigtails. Once that is done pull the sides up and make a puffy braid. Do the same to the other side.

Below is a picture of one side of her hair. (I didn't get a picture of what it looks like from the front)