How to Make a Poof

I recently got asked how I do my daughters poof.  I am going to attempt to explain
With my oldest daughter we often times just pull her hair back and use the bobby pins to push the poof forward.  I also use a straight end comb (rat tail comb) and put it evenly under a small layer of hair in the front and pull slightly.   This smooth out the hair and poofs it up.
However if we want a bigger poof.  This is the trick we use.
 Start by making your parts and pull the rest of the hair out of your way.

Next make a part in the center of your hair for the poof.  Move the hair across the front of her face out of the way for a moment.
Then pull the back half of the hair into an elastic and push it forward and secure with bobby pins.  **If you criss cross the bobby pins they say in much better.

Now take the front piece of hair and comb it over the poof and secure it with bobby pins.  If your daughters hair is too thin to stay with just bobby pins use an elastic and then use the bobby pins to push the hair forward.


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  1. Thank you so very much!! I have looked all over the internet for a tutorial on how to do just that and none of them have worked for me. Yours a lifesaver!!