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10 Best Hair Apps for your Iphone

Top 10 Best Hair Apps for iPhone and iPad

Sep 272013

With today’s iPhone and iPad, you have a wealth of technology at your fingertips. You can practically manage your entire life from this smart little devices –including your hair regimen! Whether you are looking for hair tips, virtual hairstyles, a tool to try on new hair colors or figuring out the perfect up-do for that big event, your iPhone has you covered! Check out this list of 10 awesome hair apps for iPhone and iPad –they’ll change your life.

1. My Aveda Style (RLC Online)

The Salon worthy brand Aveda has come out with an awesome iPhone hair App  to help you with all of your hair needs. They have great how-to’s, and updates on the latest hair trends. You can get custom product recommendations to help you best utilize their collection. And what’s great is that you can chat to live Aveda experts, and even buy their products right off the app! This is a great app for the Aveda lover.

2. My L’Oreal Mirror (L’Oreal USA)

While this iPhone app isn’t strictly for hair, its hair-transforming abilities are incredible. A fun play on the phrase, “Mirror, mirror on the wall,” My L’Oreal Mirror is made to bring out your inner queen. One of the best aspects of this app is its voice-recognition ability. Just tell it what you’re looking for and your hair desires will be fulfilled immediately. You can find the latest trends, video tutorials and more. This app will become an instant favorite, so go ahead and download it!

3. How To Make Hair Look Fab –Premium (Webelinx DOO)

This is a great app for hair care and styling. Get access to over 450 hair tutorials and learn to do your hair like a pro! Want to learn how to do a chignon up do or French braid? Look no further! You’ll find cute cuts for short, medium and long hair. The hair care tips is also a great section to keep your hair strong and shiny. There are also over 500 celebrity pictures to help you find the best hair style for you. This app is perfect for preventing bad hair days.

4. Up Do Styles (Bytamin LLC)

Are you searching for the perfect up do for that big event? This simple but elegant app comes with 75 beautiful ideas for up dos. While this app does not have tutorials, it is the perfect tool to take to your stylist. Each hair style has several angles you can view the hair style from. And the best part? You can save your favorite looks to use over and over again! Whether you are looking for a retro look, a sophisticated and elegant hair style, or something more trendy, this hair app  has what you’re looking for.

5. Beautylish

Beauty Tips, Makeup Tutorials and Hair Styles (Beautylish, Inc.) –This iPhone app also is not exclusively for hair, but its hair style feature is amazing. There are both photo and video tutorials available for hair styling. Find out the latest trends on hair, and find divine wedding looks on Beautylish. You can order product straight off this app, and save your favorites. This app also connects you to a beauty community where you can upload your photos and connect with other beauty lovers.

6. Hair Brush Guide (Olivia Garden)

If you are a fan of Olivia Garden professional hair brushes, this is the app. It simple, chic layout is designed to help you find the perfect brush for your hair needs. The Hair Brush Guide has a built in quiz to help you find the best brush for your hair type and preferred hair style. Even if you do not plan on buying a brush from Olivia Garden, it gives you a good idea of what type of hair brush to purchase. If you want to save your hair a lot of trouble and time, the Hair Brush Guide is for you.

7. Hair, Nails and Makeup (Webelinx DOO)

This is another multi-purpose app with a great hair section. Hair, Nails and Makeup focuses on helping you to recreate expensive hair styles in your own home. There are lots of video tutorials for hair, for any length. From simple to complicated, there is a wide range of hair styles to choose from. If you want to save money but still look great, grab this app!

8. Hair Try On by Taaz (Taaz, Inc.)

With all of the makeover games cluttering the app world, it can be hard to find one that is actually useful. Hair Try On, thankfully, is one of them. With this app, you can try out lots of different hair styles in different color combinations. All you do is upload your photo, and you can instantly see how the latest celebrity hair styles look on you. You can also save your favorites, show it to your hair stylist, and share them on Facebook and Twitter. So if you’ve been searching for a hair makeover app for adults, look no further.

9. Men Hair Styles (App Cookies)

While there aren’t a lot of hair apps for men, this is an excellent choice. With this app, you can find the top trending looks for 2013. And not only can you find great photos with hair style ideas –this app comes with hair guides and tutorials to help you keep your hair looking as great you did the day it was cut! Men Hair Styles does not require Wi-Fi, so you can access it anywhere. This app is perfect for stylish and powerful men.

10. Clairol My Shade (P&G Productions)

This app is perfect for achieving salon results from a box of hair dye bought at the grocery. Clairol My Shade lets you take a photo of your roots to help find the perfect shade for you. A quiz will help you find the best hair color based on your preferences, and you can even upload a picture of your current hairstyle to help you visualize the results. This way when you buy that box of hair dye, you won’t be making a blind guess. And if you’d rather buy a box of dye from a different company, this app will lead you on the right path –just look at the hair dye description. If you plan on dying your hair at home, you need this app.

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